MARTAN is a circular fashion brand that turns waste textiles from the luxury hotel industry into spectacular, colourful and surprising outfits. Investigating where ready-to-wear meets art and sustainability in fashion becomes self-evident.

Founder Diek Pothoven is next to creative director also film- and show director for numerous international productions. This is what gives MARTAN it’s collaborative and multidisciplinary nature.

Douwe de Boer graduated cum-laude from ArtEZ University of the Arts and is co-creative director to MARTAN. As head of the atelier his main focus is on design and creative development.

Eugenie Mulier was co-founder of the brand Archivist that is part of MARTAN since 2022. As Head of Sustainability Eugenie is responsible for the circular production cycle and brand development.

Most of our collection is produced with upcycled or deadstock fabrics. The majority of our pieces are produced made-to-order in Amsterdam. 


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