MARTAN is a collaborative brand that combines fashion, film and show into surprising, conceptual expressions. Investigating where ready-to-wear meets art and circularity in fashion becomes self-evident.




We are proud to present our first ready-to-wear collection. We took our time to develop these products to make sure that we can vouch for the quality. In the following months you can expect many more exciting drops to follow. 




As the world is opening up again a time of eclectic self expression will be ahead of us. Therefore MARTAN’s main focus will be on spectacular evening wear. We want to celebrate the start of this era with our MARTAN family and fully cater to all your roaring twenty-twenties needs. A manifestation of fun, colourful, cheeky and elegant garments for all personalities and body types. The first stop on your way to anything festive. In the coming months you can anticipate several launches of small capsule collections.




Because of our large experience in tailor-made clothing we have a very skilled and innovative atelier. Next to our private clients we also design for unique projects like all special acts for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. For inquiries don’t hesitate to contact our head of atelier via info@martan-official.com.




Most of our collection is produced with upcycled or deadstock fabrics. The majority of our pieces are produced made-to-order in Amsterdam. Through experimenting with rental, re-sell and re-make business models we will offer circularity as a service. Striving to include sustainability in every part of our lifecycle. 


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